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Wilkes 24 String Lyre Harp Guitar


Bee Acoustic

luniaaworld: ♛ ❤


So I got my new Gretsch Jim Dandy parlour acoustic, and holy fuck does this thing sound beautiful. 

There are so many great reviews out there and I’ve got to add myself to the list of satisfied customers, for £138 new you can’t go wrong. Of course it doesn’t compare with a top end Taylor or Martin but the tone of this thing is great for folk-style finger picking and it still retains enough bass for big open chords too.

I would definitely recommend this guitar to anyone after a small acoustic to for travelling or for just sweet little finger-picking/folk stuff; the boxy sound is an acquired taste but personally I think it sounds sweet.

acoustic guitar portrait by tonyduckles on Flickr.

ad4mant asked: Beautiful photos and great choice in guitars. I'm lucky to have found this blog since there's not enough acoustic appreciation around here. never stop!

ohh thanks a bunch!!!

glad you like it! :D

and i totally agree with you, there aren’t enough acoustic blogs out there…


writing some songs tonight with my new baby


Picture of my Taylor :)