cover of imagine dragon’s song monster i recorded for the monster challenge on lazy-creators

hope you like it. tell me what you think :3

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Visiting old friends,…………Zoot Suit Les Paul

Finally got around to make a new recording!

It’s an original song called “Keep you safe” and I actually wrote it quite a while ago, I think last year, or maybe in early 2014… (?) I never really got around to make a proper recording of it yet though, so that’s what this is now. In case you were wondering: no, the lyrics are not about me, but rather an otp of mine. (Also, I am perfectly aware that the piano accompaniment has got some mistakes in it and is generally not very good, but that’s due to the fact, that I suck on piano, but thought this song sounded nicer on piano than guitar…)

(For anyone interested, you can download it here. The lyrics may be found there as well.)

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EDIT: The back vocals seemed to be a bit off, so I reuploaded the song without those. (Thanks Henry :3)

Anonymous asked: Kennst du diese dunkel marmorierte Taylor Gitarre mit dem blauen Ring um das Schalloch? Ich finde die nirgens, hätte sie aber so gern!

Hi, also deine Beschreibung sagt mir leider gerade nichts, sorry, da kann ich dir nicht wirklich helfen! Wo hast du die Gitarre denn gesehen? Auf diesem Blog?

Hast du schon mal auf der Taylor Website danach gesucht?

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i’ll drown within the oceans you made.

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Just myself and my baby tonight.


Just myself and my baby tonight.